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Programmer Adapter Board

Programmer Adapter Board

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Connector Variant
100mil Header Style

KST's Programming Adapter Boards are a great way to interface popular flash and debug tools (such as a SEGGER JLink or ST Micro ST-LINK) to your firmware target. If you are like us, you never quite have the right board to make an electrical connection for flashing and programming. For years now, we have used these boards internally for development, and now you can utilize them in your own project!

Features include -

  1. A 20-pin receptacle header for interfacing with your favorite programmer.
  2. Common 10-pin and 6-pin interfaces in a variety of flavors - everything from keyed cables to pogo pins!
  3. Pre-assembled; just grab the Adapter Board and plug it in!

Our Programmer Adapter Boards are the go-to choice of tool for our own Programming Flash/Test Fixtures that we create for flashing and testing our own products as well as our customer products at KST.

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