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Impulse - Proof of Coverage Test Tool for LoRaWAN

Impulse - Proof of Coverage Test Tool for LoRaWAN

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Impulse allows you to prove IoT Network Coverage at a specific location. We often use a signal strength bar on our mobile devices to know if we have cellular connectivity, but IoT devices typically are very low power, have no display, and can be in RF-hostile environments. Impulse allows you to prove coverage in your location.

Impulse derives its power and geolocation from your mobile device (Android today, iOS Coming Soon!). It comes pre-provisioned on your favorite IoT Network, so there is no provisioning or data plan required. Once Impulse is plugged into your mobile device, you can -

  1. Observe signal strength (RSSI) and signal-to-noise ratio from Impulse's perspective.
  2. Observe signal strength and SNR from your network/gateway's perspective.
  3. Automatically push uplinks at defined intervals.
  4. Witness on a map whether or not you have IoT Network Coverage in a particular location.
  5. Record CSV data on your device for offline analysis.
  6. Modify Impulse's Tx Power so you can optimize battery life in your IoT Device.
  7. Attach two antennas to Impulse to directly compare different antennas with potentially different Tx Power Settings.

Impulse is KST's field-of-choice tool for knowing whether or not we have IoT coverage.

NOTE! Although Impulse is pre-provisioned, you will have to purchase a specific Impulse meant for a specific IoT Network!

Impulse comes with the following:
  • 1x Impulse Device on the LoRa Network of your choice
  • 1x Generic Antenna
  • 2x SMA Dust Covers
  • 1x MagSafe Disc
  • 1x MagSafe Adapter Ring
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