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Affinity LoRaWAN Gateway

Affinity LoRaWAN Gateway

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The Affinity KST7020 Gateway is built for the LoRaWAN enterprise user. Affinity offers a robust custom enclosure, industrial rated components, and device fleet management capabilities. Affinity is the perfect solution for gathering LoRaWAN sensor data using multiple gateways deployed in multiple locations. Affinity utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) and offers a truly plug and play solution for all of your LoRaWAN needs. The Affinity Gateway is sensor agnostic and easily connects to the LoRaWAN sensor of your choice.

Affinity is offered as a Helium Hotspot and Private LoRaWAN Gateway.

Enterprise and Distributor orders will be fulfilled in the order that they are received. No Affinity Hotspots will be allocated to any employees, company insiders, or partners. We at KST take pride in our Enterprise clientele. All shipment updates are directly communicated to our Enterprise clientele and Distributors.

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